˹ѧ ͷ¡ ˹ѧ ѧ Artificial Leather Faux Leather

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͡ҹѵػʧ § ⫿ 㹧ҹῪ ͼ

ͧ Чҹաҡ ǴѡɳТͧǴ ѧ


˹ѧpvcº վ
The Simply Leather

Simply PVC Leather


˹ѧpvc ˹ѧ
The Leather

PVC Leather Series


˹ѧpvc Ԥ
The Metalic Leather

Metalic PVC Leather


˹ѧpvc ˹ѧѺ
The Printed&Chamois

Printed&Chamois PVC Leather


˹ѧpvc ˹ѧ ˹ѧ ˹ѧٰ
The Animal Leather

Animal PVC Leather


˹ѧpvc ¢Ѵ
The Quadrangle Leather

Quadrangle PVC Leather


˹ѧpvc ʹþ Ŵ ʹ
The Non Toxic Leather

Non Toxic PVC Leather


˹ѧpvc ҹ
The Weave Leather

Weave PVC Leather


˹ѧpvc ˹
The Thick Leather

Thickness PVC Leather



The Microfiber Leather

Microfiber Leather



PU Leather

PU Leather 

Printed and Chamois Leather article
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